Managing Your Parking Optimally

Southern California's premium parking services provider, Advanced Valet Services, offers top-notch parking management and other related services for commercial properties, residential parking, service sector, entertainment, and retail venues across the region.

Our Story

Living in one of the most populous cities in California, where drivers cruise around looking for parking for miles, finding the perfect parking spot is a dream that seldom comes true. Feeling the drivers' need, we established this smart parking management system that benefits both drivers and companies. And so Advanced Valet Services, LLC was born. 

Our Mission

We are a passionate team of professionals with one clear mission:

"To exceed client and customer expectations by providing unparalleled professional services, fostering employee growth and development in an environment that respects the dignity of our most important asset - our employees."

Our Advantage

Expertise & Experience

Having managed several commercial and residential lots in Southern California, we know the California crowd's ins and outs.

Optimal Parking Strategies

You can ask for a customized plan with details on how we manage traffic, parking, and the overall parking organization at an event or a long-term parking operation.

Passionate Drivers

While hiring drivers, we carefully select those with a passion for driving and get the required valet parking insurance as well as background checks on every employee.  

Good Value for your Money

Not only do we provide premium parking management and valet services, but we also offer customized plans as per your need, so you do not have to pay a single extra dollar.