Private Chauffeur


The Mix of Luxury and Convenience

Facilitate Yourself

Growing time constraints due to our hectic work life calls for making the most of the 24-hour day by scheduling calls, emails, and multiple small tasks on the go. The luxury of enjoying a stress-free personal or business trip, reaching to the events just on-time with no driving stress and making a classy statement when arriving at the weddings, parties, or corporate events is essential for our personal as well as corporate disposition. 

Advanced Valet Services offer the remarkable convenience of a private chauffeur to those who wish to juggle work on the go or make a statement.

Our private chauffeur service is a mix of luxury and convenience with an edge of affordable prices.

Safety Comes First

Our private chauffeurs are trained, licensed, and insured drivers with verified backgrounds. They drive you safely to your destination during rain and wind, traffic jams, and other circumstances, trying their utmost to drive you to your destination on-time given the driving conditions.

Affordable Prices

Advanced Valet Services' private Chauffer service, offers competitive prices in Southern California. We provide you the full value for your money by saving you the trouble of driving by yourself and the time consumed in maneuvering the steering wheel while you can sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, or work on the go.

Luxurious Experience

Our drivers provide the best-in-class service to let you fully bask in the luxury of a private chauffeur service.

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