Private Events


Special Events

Make Your Guests Feel Super Special

The special events division at Advanced Valet Services, LLC, specializes in providing your guests with an ultimate parking experience. Whether you are planning a luxurious wedding, a high-profile corporate event, a spring BBQ party at your residence, or a grand opening for your business or retail store, you can trust Advanced Valet Services to assist you with the parking needs of all your guests.

Scalable Solutions

From small events with as few as 20 people to large-scale events with hundreds of guests, our company has the experience to seamlessly manage any type of parking situation.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to give our best and train our valet parking attendants to perfection. Neatly uniformed, well-groomed personnel with a professional attitude make our valet attendant services stand apart.

Scalable Solutions

Our commitment to excellence, high professionalism, and technology application manifest positive results in every Guest Satisfaction Survey. We have a proven record of gaining ultra-high scores on customer satisfaction.

Trained Professionals

We focus on good manners and seamless service, trying our best to provide a five-star parking experience to your guests. We have some of the most experienced and erudite professionals from the hospitality sector on board, training and grooming our attendants, equipping them with the approach to anticipate guests' needs.

Planning your next big event?

Feel free to call us for a free event parking estimate or contact us here to learn more about our special event parking services.